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W.A. Production Imperfect v1.0.0 x86 x64

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W.A. Production Imperfect v1.0.0 x86 x64
Most digital synths out there offer easily accessible functions, pristine digital quality and precisely tuned tones. "Imperfect” aims to break that trend with wavering detuned oscillators, modulating effects and a whole host of other functions designed to put the analog fun back into synth programming.

The architecture behind Imperfect will be familiar to anyone who’s used a soft-synth before, with 5 powerful oscillators, envelopes, filters, LFOs and an arpeggiator. Where things start to get interesting is with the 3 special modulation sliders. Named "Wacky”, "Cracky” and "Shaky”, these functions introduce modulated effects, saturated harmonics and tuning inconsistencies. Make your pads sound authentically analog and keep your arpeggios moving by adjusting these sliders to create all sorts of circuit-bending scenarios. The modulations don’t stop there; almost any of Imperfect’s parameters can be assigned to the constantly shifting dual X/Y pads and played live or programmed with MIDI automation.
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