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XILS-lab SynX 2 v2.5.0 x86 x64

208 0 Instruments for PC synth 25 01 2020
XILS-lab SynX 2 v2.5.0 x86 x64
Syn’x 2 is a Polytimbral Synthetizer inspired for the synthesis part by a legendary Italian Synthesizer from the 80's, while its multilayer card based architecture is inspired by sophisticated hardware analog monsters like the Oberheim Matrix 12.

The Sound : It offers the striking combination of clear and punchy DCOs with cutting multimode modeled analog filters like it’s ancestor, one of the last Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthetizers, and a piece of Synthesis history, including the famous BBD Chorus !

And because it’s multitimbral, you can use up to 16 oscillators, 8 0df Analog Filters, 32 DADSR envelopes and Modulation Matrixes addressing any of the 132 possible destinations to build your own patches, when the 300 Factory Library Presets will be not enough
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