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Klevgrand LUXE v1.0.0 x64

176 0 FX for PC /FX for Mac enhancer 28 01 2020
Klevgrand LUXE v1.0.0 x64
LUXE is an effect plugin that compresses and saturates an audio signal in a quite subtle but musical way. It is very useful for making a track "fit in the mix", and can be used with very good results on a drum bus, a vocal track or anything in between.

LUXE is very easy to use – simply choose between the LUXE or FINESSE algorithms, and set the desired processing level. Don't be fooled by the modest control possibilities - under the hood is a very sophisticated set of parameters that will treat your incoming audio with great care, musicality and warmth. Its only continuous user parameter intelligently controls a set of internal (non-visible) parameters which makes LUXE an easy tool to use for quick results.

The alternate FINESSE algorithm offers a slightly different frequency response, and also adds some edge to the internal saturation module.
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