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Trance Euphoria Max Braiman Vocal Trance Anthems Feat Victoriya 2

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Trance Euphoria Max Braiman Vocal Trance Anthems Feat Victoriya 2
'Max Braiman Vocal Trance Anthems Feat Victoriya 2' features another amazing 10 lush vocal Trance Construction Kits with WAV, MIDI, FLP & Spire presets. Inspired by all the top Trance artists and festivals from around the world, this pack brings you the best quality tools for your productions.

These songstarters give you a great start to your next track or could be a great edition to your existing projects to give you another direction or dimension to your tracks.


Each Kit feature all individual MIDIs and a full project MIDI file so you don't have to import each individual MIDI separately, Spire presets for each MIDI, basic percussion including kicks, hats, loops, crashes and more. As you can hear in the demo to get you going, vocals are in compressed and uncompressed WAV versions, both in wet and dry formats. FLP files are included to load in FL Studio to see how each Kit demo was made.

Advantages With MIDI & Presets:

With MIDI you have the ultimate in flexibility being able to edit notes, velocity etc and assign your own sound, these are easily imported to any DAW either drag and drop or import MIDI options in your DAW.

With the included presets you have complete control and can replicate the sounds you hear in the demo. You can tweak and do what you want to achieve your own sound or use your own sounds.

People Who Don't Own FL Studio:

All the individual MIDIs and Spire Presets have been supplied for each Kit to create the full track with the kick, percussion loops and FX etc., to totally recreate what you're hearing in the demos. To make these in to full tracks, the full project MIDI files for each vocal Kit are included so you don't have to import each individual MIDI for the complete Kit. The individual MIDIs are there if you require them. The MIDI files can be imported in to your chosen DAW and your favourite VST instrument can be applied and used.


To beginners, if you do not own Spire you can still use any virtual instrument of your choice with your own presets or bought presets to assign the VST instrument to the MIDI files and create your own sound. By all means use the included Spire presets if you have it, Royalty-Free.

Please Note:

FL Studio Version 12.5.1 is required, it's not guaranteed to work with older versions. VST instruments used include Reveal Sound Spire. Please use version 1.1.13. VST effects used include, Xfer OTT (free plugin from Xfer Records which is not included).

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