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ModeAudio Dissolve - Ambient Drones

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ModeAudio Dissolve - Ambient Drones
With distance, it's possible to appreciate the bigger picture - details are absorbed into the larger forms of which they are a part, and seemingly stark distinctions merge into subtle variation. These are the cinematic qualities we've built into our latest sample pack, the simmering Dissolve - Ambient Drones!

Consisting of 200 intensely atmospheric samples, this collection of royalty-free sounds places a rich, divergent range of smooth orchestral colours, fragmenting electronics and eerily evocative textures at your fingertips.

The core selection comprises of 125 carefully constructed Ambient drones, which can be endlessly looped to form deep beds of spacious, finely detailed sound beneath your music production experiments.

Complementing this are 50 powerful yet precise sub bass samples and 25 kinetic, glimmering granulated textures, conjuring widescreen sonic images of the mechanical and the mysterious within your music.

The sounds are grouped together into 50 sets of 4 samples each, which nevertheless can be mixed and matched with each other to form dense, enveloping waves of sound for use in soundtrack scoring, Downtempo, Chillwave and Minimal sessions.

Submerge your music into a sea of shimmering, shining sound - download Dissolve - Ambient Drones and get diving today!

360 MB
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