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W.A. Production Bubblegum Creating

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W.A. Production Bubblegum Creating
This action packed, 1-hour long Audio Course brought to you by W. A. Production will take you on a journey through the minds of Dutch producer Ralvero and Redhead Roman him self as we dissect their track "Bubblegum” that was released on Mixmash Records! Buckle up, because we are about to take you on a roller coaster of information that will help you learn to become a better producer overall. Enjoy, and thank you!


Sit down and get ready as Redhead Roman, goes over what the entirety of this audio course will contain!


Now that you have scene what this course will go over, sit back and watch Redhead Roman go over how he managed to collab with Ralvero and how long they had to wait to get their final track on Mixmash Records!

FL Colour

Moving forward in this Audio Course, allow Redhead Roman to explain the necessities of Project Organization with tips on things such as arrangement, grouping multiple tracks and organization via colors.


As we now know that Organization is a big factor in your projects, lets move on to some production fundamentals. Redhead Roman goes over how breakdowns work, from adding backing effects to making sure your breakdown has that beautiful ambient fill, a good break down is a big factor in your production.


Moving along in this Audio Course, we enter the Drop territory. Drops being one of the most, if not THE most important part in a track, Redhead Roman goes over exactly how him and Ralvero designed the drop in their track "Bubblegum”.

Mixing & Mastering

And to end this Audio Course, Redhead Roman goes over the Mixing & Mastering of "Bubblegum” by giving tips such as adjusting volumes and levels of certain elements and the basics of EQ’ing out lows in a track
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