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Squadpack Elements Water Percussion Sample Pack

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Squadpack Elements Water Percussion Sample Pack
Sounds that drip. We often find ourselves using objects around us to mimic real instruments, which are often made of combinations of different materials. This got us thinking; why not just use a single type of material to base new sounds on?

We love a good challenge. And so Elements was born.

This pack presented its own challenges, particularly when it came to making drums. Water on its own does not resonate as wood does. So we had to strike particular containers that let the sound of flowing water through, and not overwhelm.

Elsewhere, tonal sounds would have been much too arduous to extract from our recordings, so we ended up choosing the most unique sounds as IR samples, and as grain samples in Madrona Labs Kaivo.

For all our efforts, we've managed to keep the sonic identity of water intact, while still creating very usable samples. These sounds are unlike anything we've heard, certainly nothing like what's out there now in most sample packs.

If you're looking to give your beats some drip, look no further.

In this pack:
•37 - Loops
•45 - FX
•45 - Aqua Melodics
•47 - Unprocessed Water Sounds
•92 - Water Drums

234 MB
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