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W.A. Production TrapNation Style Track From Scratch

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W.A. Production TrapNation Style Track From Scratch
In this course we are going to learn how to make a track in a similiar style as those featured on Trap Nation. Trap Nation is one of the most popular channels on all of Youtube, boasting over 20 million subscribers. They pride themselves on finding the latest and greatest trap and future bass music, and we go over the sound that many artists featured on the channel have.

In this course we go over all aspects of making a track including writing chords and a melody, picking your sounds, what drum samples to use, as well as the most efficient way to complete a track.

1. Video - Intro/Writing Chords and Melody:
In the first video we go over the elements of a typical Trap Nation style track, and we write some chords and a melody that is similar to the style and common tendencies.

2. Video - Picking Sounds:
Next we put some sounds to our chords, melody, and bassline, that sound the most like sounds Trap Nation producers would use such as a gritty bass and wide, hard hitting chords. For this part we use sounds created in Serum and 3xosc.

3. Video - Drums:
After we have picked our sounds, we build a basic drumloop to be the foundation for our drop section. We go with a midtempo trap like beat with a basic trap hi hat pattern.

4. Video - Building the Drop & Making the Track Skeleton:
In this part, we build our drop that we will build our entire song up to. We also create a very barebones arrangement of what we want our track to sound like, before we go more into detail on FX and mixing.

5. Video - Finishing the Track:
Finally we mix the elements that we already have in our track, and fill in our skeleton with supplemental sounds and FX, leading us to our final product.
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