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Voxengo GlissEQ v3.13 x86 x64

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Voxengo GlissEQ v3.13 x86 x64
GlissEQ is a parametric equalizer plug-in for professional music production applications. The most interesting and unique feature of GlissEQ is the dynamic behavior of its filters.To understand dynamic filtering, let’s begin by re-stating something probably obvious about a normal equalizer: you always get what you set. In other words, when you specify a 6 dB boost at 100 Hz you get exactly 6 dB of boost at 100 Hz.

But GlissEQ is different. When you specify a 6 dB boost at 100 Hz, you don't necessarily get a 6 dB increase in gain. Instead, the filter’s effective gain is adjusted dynamically according to the program material. That is what we mean by dynamic filtering and it is the key to GlissEQ.

You should notice these immediate benefits: boosting highs with GlissEQ tends to avoid the fatiguing effect of overload. And boosting lows avoids making things sound mushy. Instead, you get a pleasant emphasis of transients, bringing life and dimension to your tracks. In short, the "dynamic behavior” of GlissEQ’s filters gives you a helping-hand during mixing and mastering.

In addition to dynamic filtering, GlissEQ also features a real-time spectrum analyzer. The spectrum of a track can be exported to any other instance of GlissEQ thus making real-time inter-track spectrum comparisons possible. This helps you free frequency ranges on one track to allow an instrument on another track occupying same frequencies to breathe.


Added ProTools 12+ AAX-64 support.
Control points can be now added by simple dragging.
Made the summary EQ curve thicker.
Added a set of predefined static spectrums.
Fixed erratic behavior of the "Low-Pass 6" filter when its frequency was set above Nyquist.
Fixed an issue when two instances used the same export slot.
Implemented color scheme editor with load and save functions.
Added "Brown", "White" and "Cyan" color schemes.
Redesigned the infrastructure controls.
Made bottom group selector switchable.
Added switchable visual colorization.
Made internal channel names start at "C" to reduce confusion with the A/B comparison buttons.
Made user interface scale switchable without host reload.
Added 90%, 110% and 150% visual scales.
Added "RT Sigma" analyzer type.
Added "Spectrum Offset" display modes.
Reduced plugin file size considerably for faster loading.
Reduced the overall memory consumption.
Bypass switch's state is now saved with the project.
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