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Kazrog KClip3 v3.1.0 x86 x64

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Kazrog KClip3 v3.1.0 x86 x64
KClip 3 is a modern clipper and track saturator with multiband parallel processing functionality functionality and loudness metering. Every effort has been made to make the interface as simple as possible, so you can focus on making music.

KClip 3 features

- Multiband Processing – Use up to 4 different clipping modes (or none) split between 4 assignable bandwidth regions.
- EBU metering (LUFS) – Target loudness optimization to the desired level and quickly make sure a mix is ready for streaming.
- Resizable Window – Enhanced visualiser and metering expand to fit the desired window size.
- New clipping modes – In addition to expanded controls for Smooth, Crisp, Tube and Tape from version 2, add extra saturation and bite with Germanium, Silicon, Broken Speaker, and Guitar Amp.
- Threshold – A top user request for 48 dB of additional headroom and/or gain capability.
- Mid/Side processing – Clip mid and side signals separately for extra stereo imaging control.
- Settings A/B comparison – And other workflow enhancements, such as expanded oversampling options, window settings recall, wet/dry on front panel, and more.
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