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Unison Artist Series K-Theory GLITCH-D OUT Volume 1

1400 0 Samples glitch hop 07 12 2018
Unison Artist Series K-Theory GLITCH-D OUT Volume 1
Imagine all the genres of music as the stars in the universe. Then, those stars collapsing into a giant ball of musical matter. Then, being reborn from the astral world. That’s how K-Theory describes their music and this special pack... Over the last few years, K-Theory have gotten over 100 million plays across all platforms.

They have included over 250 of their signature samples inside this Unison-exclusive pack, ready for you to download and use in your own tracks. Inside, you’ll find heavy-hitting drums, fully-loaded builds/fills, nasty basses, goldmines of melodic loops and much more exported straight from K Theory’s projects.

The variety in this pack is unreal. You’ll be shocked at the shear amount of inspiring sounds.

A Message From K-Theory

• Hey Producer, "After an arduous 7 year download from the astral plane, we are proud to present our GLITCH’D OUT sample pack with Unison. We procured over 250 original sounds from the world of K Theory & cooked up some of the dankest serum patches you will need to make a glitch hop banger. GLITCH’D OUT features many of our signature sounds, melodic loops from the prophet 8, and some of our iconic sounds from over the years. We’re excited to see what you end up creating.”

508 MB
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