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Samples From Mars S612 From Mars

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Samples From Mars S612 From Mars
The S612 is a massively underrated 12bit sampler from 1985 that yields endlessly inspiring transformations of whatever you put into it. Its features are simple but powerful: a selectable sample rate from 4 Hz - 32kHz, a sweet, analog filter, input clipping, old school pitching (with LFO), looping, reversing, and best of all: front-panel sliders for adjusting start, end and loop points. With these parameters the 612 is capable of everything from thick, juicy bass, to silky leads, overdriven drums, and lo-fi glitched out madness.

Synth Contents:

35 Multi-Sampled 612 synth instruments
Built from: Rhodes, Clavinet, Obscure Percussion, Vocals, Guitar & Bass, Analog Synths, Drones, obscure 70s records, and dogs barking
Synths used: Octave Cat, Polysix, Juno60, DX100, Voyager and CS-5
Hi Fi leads, juicy analog bass, funky clav, oohs and ahhs, dusty tones, percussive lasers, and glitchy mayhem
Tuning, filtering, LFO, looping and glitching on the S612
Fine tuned to perfection
100% hardware processing

Drum Contents:

550+ S612 Acoustic drum samples including bass drum, snare, rim shot toms, hi hat, cymbals, claps, wood block, cowbell, cabasa and tambourine
Drums built from a 60's Slinglerland kit and various percussion, tracked through an API console into the S612
Drums include regular and glitched, pitched, mangled and filtered, synthetic hits transformed by the 612
12 pre-made 16x Hit Kits for instant jamming
100% hardware processing on all samples

Formatting Contents:

Ableton includes 1 master drum rack containing all drum samples, with sample and folder select, 10 Drum Kit Racks, and 35 synth multi-sampled synth racks
Kontakt, Logic, Reason & SFZ include: 35 Multi-sampled synth instruments, 63 individual hit drum instruments & 10 16x Hit Drum Kit instruments
Maschine & Battery include: 10 pre-made kits
MPC1000/2500 include: 10 pre-made kits on 3 MPC Programs
1.07 GB Unzipped

705 MB
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