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NuGen Audio Monofilter v4.2.0.0 x86 x64

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NuGen Audio Monofilter v4.2.0.0 x86 x64
Trusted by producers the world over, Monofilter grabs hold of your bass and roots it solidly within your mix. With its intuitive controls you can quickly anchor the power, while retaining the essential character and perceived spatial characteristics of the original sound.

Monofilter defines the centre of your bass, so easily lost through stereo effects processing, synth sound generation, unwanted phase inconsistencies and live recording mic. bleed. Market-leading features give you really accurate control over stereo spread, transition and phase alignment, with precise visual feedback in a tactile interface that lets you grab the applied stereo envelope and manipulate it directly – without using abstract parameters and knobs.

"I use all three extensively [Stereoizer, Monofilter, Stereoplacer] when working on a music mix, and each plug-in gives me incredible automated capabilities for working with and manipulating the stereo image. "

Jan 'Stan' Kybert | Mix Engineer
A solid foundation

When solid or natural sounding bass is a requirement in your recording projects, Monofilter provides the foundation for real power and definition.

The non-directional nature of low frequencies can often contribute to a perceived lack of clarity and focus in the mix. Adding stereo FX processing and using multiple mic. set-ups in the studio can introduce phase inconsistencies leading to ‘weak’, ‘hollow’ or ‘flat’ sounds.

Monofilter lets you align and balance low frequencies with the minimum of effort, leaving you with the same sound, yet louder, more focussed and better defined. And with Monofilter you can be sure of great playback performance on systems with separate low-frequency handling, such as club PAs, live rigs, home cinema systems, HiFi, and 2.1 gaming systems.


Bringing definition to weak/hollow/flat bass
Re-centering LF after stereo FX
Correcting phase issues
Sampling/restoring old masters
Taking care for vinyl
Psychoacoustic 'Panning' bass
Making a frequency split
Stereo spectrum analysis
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