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Sonica Instruments SHO v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)

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Sonica Instruments SHO v1.0.1 (KONTAKT)
Sho, the fourth release in the Virtuoso Japanese Series, is now available as a software instrument in Kontakt format. The sho is free reed musical instrument and one of the three primary woodwind instruments used in gagaku court orchestra music. Consisting of 17 slender bamboo pipes, it is sometimes said to resemble a resting phoenix because of its shape. In antiquity, the sho’s fluid tonal character was associated with light shining down from the heavens.

Main Features:

- Peerless recordings of the impeccable sound and technique of famed sho performer Ko Ishikawa
- Single tones of all 15 pipes* and 11 chords sampled separately in every articulation, making the library applicable to all musical styles from gagaku to contemporary music
- A detailed analysis of sho playing techniques led to an instrument model that allows playing any combination of the sho’s distinctive tone clusters (chords) and single tones
- Two key modes, including a traditional fingering mode that replicates actual sho fingering with one key per pipe
- Pipe Indicator lets the performer see the pipe arrangement of the sho and monitor the current pipes being played
- Comes with traditional sho Pythagorean tuning, equal temperament tuning, and fully customizable tunings, for seamless coverage of both classical and contemporary scale tones
- Unique Key Trigger Connection function lets the performer move through a colorful assortment of articulations without ever interrupting the sound
- Expression control adjusts tone color naturally and continuously without gradations
- Ensemble selector simulates gagaku ensemble performances with up to three performers
- The library’s lively yet subtle sounds sampled in full 24 bit 96 kHz fidelity (the library itself contains 24 bit 44.1 kHz samples)
- Create your own mixes with the multi-microphone samples and a dedicated mixer with individual controls for Direct, Overhead, Room, and Stereo Mix
*Although the sho has 17 pipes, only 15 pipes actually produce sound

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