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WA Production What About: Dubstep Muscle

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WA Production What About: Dubstep Muscle
'What about: Dubstep Muscle' by W. A. Production gives your Dubstep a little something extra. Get ready to experience a supersonic powerhouse of sound with harder hits, bone-chilling progressions, melodic build-ups, heavy-hitting drops, and crisp alterations that are sure to catch anyone that thinks they know what will come next by surprise.

If you're not familiar with Construction Kits they are a great tool for professionals on the go, beginners learning about song structure and audio production, or those looking to stay current in multiple genres.

The label's top-notch producers have designed the demo track you will hear in each Kit where you'll also find every sample, Preset, MIDI trigger, and plugin used to create the track. Not only has each track been broken down into one hits but also layer by layer in its entirety giving you full control to piece them together, modify, and create your own tracks. You will be able to see the advanced techniques used in order to obtain a high-value production.

For the novices amongst you, have you ever wonder how a heavy-hitting wobble or face melting bassline is made? Or how top producers get such amazing drum sounds? It's all in 'Dubstep Muscle' from W. A. Production.

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