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The Hyperbits Creative Suite

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The Hyperbits Creative Suite
3 Reasons The Hyperbits Creative Suite is Different…Reason #1:We’ve focused on original, unique and extremely high quality sounds that not only work in 2019, but are timeless and set the stage for years to come.

The Cold Hard Truth? We’ve created a pack that doesn’t mimic a micro-trend, but instead focuses on the entire electronic music umbrella. This, in turn, will help you define & discover your sound instead of simply copying someone else’s.

Reason #2:We worked directly with sound designers on a day by day basis to create our own personal, perfect sample pack. This is THE dream pack we’d always wanted someone else to make. Since no one did, we took it upon ourselves.

The Cold Hard Truth? To be frank, we’ve got our skin in the game. We’re on the front-lines as artists, and we create music every. single. day. The Creative Suite isn’t a money grab — it’s our passion and our goal to arm you with a high quality suite of sounds that the production world simply hasn’t seen to date.

Reason #3:We decided to focus on ONE high quality, extremely valuable suite of sounds that will last years (…we have no current plans to do this again)

The Cold Hard Truth? Our business isn’t to make and sell as many samples packs as possible. We’re interested in one thing: creating helpful sounds and tools. And as producers, we know that quantity is NOT the answer. And as we mentioned above, if quantity was the answer, everyone with 466+ gig sound libraries would be a professional AND super successful. Obviously, that’s not the case.

Here’s what we’re really saying: we’re a couple professional producers who have been nerding out for the past year, working hard af. We couldn’t be more excited to finally release this bad ass Creative Suite to the world. We’re so excited, we’ve been dancing around studios like this all week:

The bottom line? The Creative Suite is the intersection of all of our favorite sounds, styles, genres, songwriting, sound design and learning tools all in incredible, limited offer.

In fact, we’re only selling the Creative Suite to the first 500 producers who sign up — after that, it’ll be gone forever.

Tweak, edit and create unique patches for Serum with access to 4 macros on every preset for ultimate customization, automation and malleability.

Replenish and refuel your creativity with an entire library of original, unique and royalty free sounds — we’re talking 8,674+ professional sounds.

Create and produce music of the highest commercial calibur with access to the first ever creative suite of professional sounds created by and for music producers in 2019 & beyond.

Achieve customizable, playable guitar and bass without having to hiring a studio musician with the Technical Guitar and Bass Toolkits.

Systemize your creative flow, song-starting & melodic compositions with over 500+ song-starting melodies, chord progressions and leads.

Get inspired with professional construction kits on a calibur normally not heard in a sample pack — complete with complete stems & every isolated sample.

Everything you’ve ever needed to know about creating your signature sound through 7 in-depth video lessons, spanning 1+ hour.

Use high-end drum sounds made for the future of electronic music production, processed to reflect the highest standards in music production in 2019 & beyond
6.33 GB
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Signature Serum Soundbank

Technical Guitar Toolkit

Technical Bass Toolkit

Essential Drum Hits

Organic Percussion

Absolute Modern Effects

Songwriting Midi Pack

Cutting Edge Construction Kits

Create Your Signature Sound

Bonus: The Vocal Toolkit

Links | Ссылки

Links | Ссылки

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