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Arturia Synth Presets Pack

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Arturia Synth Presets Pack
This pack includes 15 preset banks for synthesizers from Arturia, including Analog Lab / Matrix-12 V / SEM V / Prophet V / Jup-8 V / Modular V / Mini V / DX7 V / CMI V / Solina V / Wurli V // Prophet V // ARP2600 V and others.

Deep Ambient - Dive into hidden depths, and discover exciting new sonic textures and musical possibilities. In this primordial layer, you'll find the minimalist essence you need to build a world of unheard, unusual sounds. Jean-Michel Blanchet, wizard Sound Designer in the Arturia team, utilized all his experience and mastery to design a comprehensive sound bank dedicated to the creation of immersive soundscapes. It includes 36 presets for the Matrix-12 V, SEM V and Prophet V.

Future Electronica - Whatever genre of music you create, this expansion will take it on a tour through a sprawling, neon metropolis. The sounds of Future Electronica will add a lush, cinematic depth to your tracks. Containing 32 stunning new sounds, Future Electronica provides the soundtrack for vibrant sonic cityscapes using Arturia's fabled SEM V and Jup-8 V. The brainchild of the sound-creators from Sample Magic, this superb expansion to the V Collection contains thick leads, evocative pads and evolving patterns that are sure to transform your music.

Sasha's Signature - Sasha, the master DJ and producer, apostle of progressive House and Trance, created a sound bank for the Synclavier V, Farfisa V and Prophet V. These 48 presets are all based on his unique experience and instinctive knowledge of what hits are made of.

Tangerine Tribute - Created by Paul Schilling, the Tangerine Tribute sound bank for Modular V and Jup-8 V pays homage to the works of Tangerine Dream. Created in 1967, the illustrious German collective bestowed nobility on synthesizers and electronic music through their unmistakable mix of ethereal, spatial, and emotional style.

Air Tribute - In 1998, French electronic music pioneers Air released their debut album to critical acclaim, and its songs and sounds soon became rooted in popular culture, as well as popular music. Now, thanks to the wonders of Arturia’s advanced modelling technology, you too can enjoy the laid back, space-pop sounds of Air’s sonic adventure. This preset bank contains 32 recognizable, iconic sounds from “Moon Safari”, all meticulously crafted by Arturia sound designer Lily Jordy. Making full use of the Mini V, DX-7 V, CMI V, Solina V, and Wurli V, this sound bank covers the unique synth and keyboard parts found on the album, named after the song that inspired them.
Arturia Synth
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