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Analog Obsession Plugin Bundle 01.2020 x86 x64

606 0 FX for PC /FX for Mac bundle 14 01 2020
Analog Obsession Plugin Bundle 01.2020 x86 x64
19 New plugins from Analog Obsession in one pack!

BUSTER - Unique sound of the original IC input and twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design with extra features!

CHOPA - CHOPA is one of the best tremolo and chopper effects! Possible to use with guitar, synths, basses, vocals or any sources. Easy to use with easy on eyes GUI design. Simple and effective! Chop your vocal, add tremolo effect to your guitars or add movement to your boring synths!

Distox - Colorful distortion box with HPF/LPF and MIX functions!

Kolin - These were the top of the line vari-mu limiters and they are one of the best sounding and best built vintage tube limiters from the 50s and early 60s. Additionally, it modded with program-dependent Attack & Release features! Hot or not! You will be chilled to the bone!

MPReq - Colorful microphone preamp with two band fixed frequency program equalizer.

OSS - OSS delivers every ounce of that magic, classic sound. There’s a sidechain filters (Detector). Plus, you can choose from even more colors by flipping a switch and bypassing the interstage transformer. Perfect for basses and vocals.
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