Soundemote releases Rhythm and Pitch Generator free arp plugin

948 0 News 10 10 2018
Soundemote has released Rhythm and Pitch Generator, a free analog-style arpeggiator plugin. The plugin can be run at audio rate for a quirky sound generator or locked to a tempo to generate inspiring melodic and rhythmic phrases based on a seed-based random sample-and-hold.

Features Robin Schmidt’s TriSaw morphable oscillator which can be morphed (not crossfaded!) into tri, saw, square, sine, anti-sine, and everything inbetween, giving tones that range from chiptune squares to warm analog saws.

Rhythm and Pitch Generator features

- Use the MASTER RATE knob to increase the arpeggiator to insane speeds or slow it down for dying-battery fx. There is an option to have the rate also control pitch for this very effect!
- Set clock dividers to various desired beat patterns and let RaPG arrange them into a series of rhythms.
- Manually select notes in time using the OCTAVE OFFSET knob allowing you to perform your arpeggio.

Rhythm and Pitch Generator available as a free VST plugin for Windows and Mac (AU for Mac coming).
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