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Audified inValve 2 Pro v2.0.0 x86 x64

2577 2 FX for PC /FX for Mac preampsaturation 07 05 2016
Audified inValve 2 Pro v2.0.0 x86 x64
These affordable plugins were originally prepared for TC PowerCore, but they now run on native platforms (VST2/VST3/AU/AAX). The latest version is 64 bit and supports the current versions of operating systems. Plug-ins can handle 1-8 channels without a need to use the special multichannel version (standard and multi-channels versions merged into one universal version).

Series contain

inValve Preamp: a precise software emulation of a tube amplifier. The sound is not affected too much, it adds just warmth and smoothness you need for analog-like mixes

inValve Compressor: emulation of a standard analog compressor utilising the characteristics of tubes

inValve Equaliser: a four-band parametric EQ with additional HP and LP filters.
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