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DMG Audio EQuilibrium v1.54 x86 x64

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DMG Audio EQuilibrium v1.54 x86 x64
Drawing on 50 years of EQ heritage, EQuilibrium is a custom-designed power tool for audio professionals. User-adaptable design, a cutting edge feature set, built for tackling critical mix/mastering tasks.


Massively flexible EQ suitable for all critical professional applications
Audio Engine can be incredibly low CPU usage, or incredibly high for mastering applications
EQ features pristine digital curves, plus circuit models of vintage EQs, and engineering filters
Completely reconfigurable UI with set-up wizard to suit to your specific workflow
Extensive routing, grouping, channel and metering control
Extensive analyser functionality, including 1/3 octave, 1/12 octave, spectrograph
Even in lowest CPU mode, generates super-high-quality prototypes - clear undistorted top-end
In FIR mode, Linear, Analogue, Minimum, Zero-Latency Analogue or even Free phase control
32 bands of EQ, Q 0.1->50, +/-36dB range
Each band can be Peak, HPF, LPF, High Shelf, Low Shelf or Notch
In stereo, each bank can process Mid, Side or the full stereo image
Surround support for channels groupings in DTS
Fully parametric filters (high and low-pass), 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48db/oct
Windows VST, VST3 and AAX as 32+64bit, RTAS 32bit
Mac VST, VST3, AU and AAX as 32+64bit, RTAS 32bit


Circuit models of vintage EQs from history, model numbers including: 4000, 3 (4 modes), 110, 550, 88, 32, 250
Filters include: Coincident, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Bessel, Critical, Legendre, Elliptic, Allpass types
First-order, second-order, vintage, and tilt shelves
Classic DMG Bells and notches, with a +/-36dB range, and a Q range from 0.1 to 50
Classic DMG Shelves which let you move the resonance above or below the curve
Classic DMG Filters at 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 db/octave, sweepable resonance
M/S processing mode, allows you to process Mid, Side or the Stereo image
L/R processing mode, for independent Left and Right EQ
Surround sound support upto 7.1 DTS, with channel grouping matrix, and per-pair M/S processing
Per-band phase control, plus quick access to Linear, Analogue and Minimum phase modes
Extensive Impulse Response design controls, including a selection of parametric windows, length and padding


Flexible, modular, configurable UI
Big, clear, antialiased graph
Hi-res Spectrum analyser with multiple modes
Range, to scale the EQ response, both +ve and -ve
Frequency shift, to allow you to retune the response
Configurable multi-channel metering, supporting K-metering and variable ballistics
8 banks of A/B
Full preset management system
Autolisten mode, for quick finding/adjustment of frequencies
Clip LED
10 MB
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