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Kush UBK-1 v1.2.4 x86 x64

2464 0 FX for PC /FX for Mac dynamicscompressor 30 01 2016
Kush UBK-1 v1.2.4 x86 x64
It moves, it growls, it brings sounds to life. I did a master class with Michael Brauer, easily one of the most creative mixers ever to lay hands on a console. He told me he wanted me to stop thinking of compression as dynamics control and start thinking of it as a form of movement.

UBK-1 is most definitely the result of taking that advice. I have way too much fun with its squishy mojo, the way it aggressively smacks sounds back into place, making them pump and move like living things.

Not every sound needs to be blown up, so I use the multiple parallel paths for subtle warming and sweetening effects. The headroom knob lets me adjust every stage's intensity at once, making it enjoyable to experiment with all the colors it has to offer... and the UBK-1 has a lot of colors to offer.
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