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Cymatics Black Friday Ultimate Bundle Vol. 3

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Cymatics Black Friday Ultimate Bundle Vol. 3
Black Friday Ultimate Bundle Vol. 3 contains seven sample packs from Cymatics.

Apex - One Shots Vol 2

Volume 2 of our Apex One Shot Collection is here! One shots are becoming super popular in the industry, because of how versatile and easy they are to work with.

This collection is packed full of both synth and instrument one shots, perfecting for crafting a new and unique melody style from scratch.

With so many different styles of one shots to choose from, these make it easier than ever to find the right vibe for your next melody.

Crystals - Guitar Loops Vol 2

Our last collection of guitar loops ended up being extremely popular, so we made a Volume 2!

Crystals has a ton of different guitar styles to play with, all perfect for making an industry ready guitar based record.

Nothing brings a more authentic feel to music quite like a guitar does, and bringing authenticity to the table was our goal when we put this pack together.

Mirage - Vocal Loops

Vocal loops can take a simple beat and really turn it into a new and exciting track. And with Mirage we wanted to supply you with an arsenal of many different vocal style loops, all great for either polishing or bringing a track together.

Using vocal samples is a great way to add more soul and feeling to a record, not to mention all of the ways you can flip them…

Whether you just want to sprinkle in some vocals, make it the base of your track, or simply experiment with new ideas, Mirage is perfect for what you need.

Gems Vol 20 - Vintage

This is our first volume of GEMS where we decided to do something completely different. We put together a collection of vintage inspired melodies, perfect for creating authentic and timeless sounding records.

It was a goal of ours to create a melody collection that would give off the vibe or crate digging and sampling records.

GEMS Vol. 20 is the perfect way to emulate record sampling, and it’s all right in your DAW.

Gems Vol 21 - Trap

Trap has become one of the most popular and exciting genres in the music industry period. And with some of the biggest producers having so much success under the genre, there’s no doubt that having great melodies is half of that battle.

This collection captures exactly what Trap is all about, giving you many different vibes to choose from when you’re looking to make a banger track.

It’s super important to have quality melodies that stand out when it comes to producing Trap, and that was one of our main focus points when we created this collection!

Ultimate - Snares Vol 1

This is our teams’ go to collection of snares, rimshots, and claps!

Inside you’ll find many different styles of snares to choose from, for any style of production.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to find the right snare sound, and with this collection we supplied you with our very best ones.

Ultimate - Basses Vol 1

Nothing controls the attention of the listener quite like a bassline does. Basses can be the make or break for any track, and typically glue together the vibe of your mix and track as a whole.

This pack is our go to for everything you need base wise in a beat, full of heavy 808’s, synth basses, and more.

There is something in this pack for any style of producer, providing you with everything you need so you never have to struggle with your low end ever again!

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