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iZotope Stutter Edit 2 v2.0.0 x64

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iZotope Stutter Edit 2 v2.0.0 x64
Stutter Edit 2 lets you create the famous “stutter” editing effect with one button to slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes. Redesigned and reimagined for the demands of the modern workflow, Stutter Edit 2 comes with a new Auto Mode, updated UI, and new effects modules to add movement to your mix.

The unique Stutter Edit 2 effect plays back with your session, allowing you to trigger a “gesture” with a MIDI keyboard, or use the new Auto mode.

In Auto mode, your Gestures will play back automatically so you can concentrate on fine tuning your sound. If you’d rather use a keyboard for a live-performance feel, Stutter Edit 2 will guide you with a help system that detects your DAW and offers step-by-step instructions.

From simple trap patterns, cinematic sweeps, transitions, and everything in between, Stutter Edit 2 comes is full of new Gestures (presets) designed by BT and iZotope’s expert sound design team. Use Auto mode to audition Gestures to find the perfect match, and plug in your MIDI controller to automatically map gestures to your keys to fire off any combination of Gestures.

Add color and vibe to your gestures with a suite of colorful effects modules, including brand new effects like Reverb and Chorus. Set a Range for any parameter and Stutter Edit 2 will “move” that effect along with the Gesture. Add even more craziness using the new Time-Variant Modifiers—make your reverb tails sweep, your gates and pans pump, and your distortion disintegrate in time with your stutter edit. Effects can be bypassed and rearranged in any order, creating limitless possibilities for sonic madness.
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