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Cinetools Galactica

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Cinetools Galactica
Take a journey across the galaxy with us and go beyond the stars! Cinetools proudly presents Galactica; featuring 1200 high quality futuristic sound effects - covering a wide range of elements that are ready to go such as galactic/spacey and robotic type sfx, interface sound elements and raw source sounds plus more… If you are looking for unique and undiscovered elements, then look no further! All is right here and ready to fill all the gaps in your production with these distant extraordinary sounds! Finish your project in lightening speed with us!

This ultra-sonic sample library brings you production-ready elements as: giant servo machines to big spaceship rumbles, star-craft pass-bys to energy bursts, power on/off to transmitting, system errors to data transfers, telemetry navigations to variety of futuristic and galactic weapons, machine room ambiences to empty space atmospheres, futuristic transitions to weird morphing layers, computer scanners to supersonic plasma jets, little droid calibration to ultrasonic testing, small servos brain checks to galactic-craft airlock opening and closing, rocket launchers to submachine guns and rifles, interstellar frequencies to weird signals, electrical hums to static radio noises, stationary machines to small engines, big hatch opening, space shuttle fly-bys, user interface sound effects including vast selection of different confirms, denials, neutral beeps, subtle sweeps, organic clicks and more.. All of these sounds made exclusively to provide cinematic lovers a truly diverse sonic palette for creating high definition cinematic sound effects, you can use these sound FX as they are or mix and match them with other elements from this collection to create your own ideas.

“Galactica” divided into two main folders Designed and Designer Tools. All the designed sounds are hyper-detailed, layered and manipulated they can easily be added to your projects. Designed Folder is organized in various focused elements including Alerts & Malfunctions, Atmos & Backgrounds (includes specific sub-folders such as Computer Rooms, Energy, Machine Halls, Space & Planets & Stars & Galaxies and Spaceship), Calibration & Maintenance, Computer & Telemetry, Door & Hatch, Energy, Operator Voices, Pass-Bys & Fly-Bys, Robotics, Servos & Machines, Spaceship & Spacecrafts, UI, Weapons and Weird Signals - for easy searching and to speed up your workflow with finding the right elements quickly to evoke a specific emotions.. as we all know speed is essential in this industry and this incredible library opens a new world of creativity and spicing up your project.

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