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Hybrid Trap is making its way into some of the best festival setlists around the world, and getting MILLIONS of plays anywhere that music can be streamed!

It doesn’t really surprise us as at all… Blending the best of both worlds when it comes to trap and dubstep, Hybrid Trap has birthed some of the most exciting, in-your-face sounds we’ve ever heard.

With established producers dabbling in the genre such as Pegboard Nerds, LAXX, and Herobust, it’s easy to see that this trend is here to stay and growing every day.

Tracks like “Skurt Reynolds” by Herobust – getting plays in the millions – have brought a ton of new attention to this new and fascinating genre.

How can you not jump up and start headbanging when you hear this stuff?

When we heard the energy in these tracks, we KNEW we had to help you make the next most face-melting Hybrid Trap song!

So, our team camped out in the studio until we came out with this… A start to finish, full fledged Hybrid Trap anthem!

With “Trouble”, you’ll be able to fully understand the methods behind programming the MOST energy into your tunes. It’s taken some of the world’s best producers YEARS to figure this stuff out… And we’re sharing all of it with you right now!

Sound complicated? “Trouble” makes it easy and puts everything on display! Here we’ve created the booming 808 bass, the punchy kicks, the face-melting lead sounds, the glitchy drums, and everything inbetween!

If you want to learn how to create what might be the biggest and most EXCITING style of music ever, you need to get your hands on the “Trouble” Hybrid Trap Project ASAP.

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