Orchestral Tools METROPOLIS ARK 3 The Beating Orchestra (KONTAKT)

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Metropolis Ark 3 - The Beating Orchestra - is the third instalment in our epic orchestral series. You might ask. Is it percussion? Is it an orchestra? It is both but melted and refined into one: A Percussive Orchestra.

Giant machines are quiet compared to those huge taiko ensemble kits and drums of doom. Where other percussion libraries draw the line, we bring in a colossal orchestra which is treated like a percussion instrument. Metropolis Ark 3 is the ultimate orchestral beat machine. It combines an enormous rhythmically driven orchestra with the loudest and beefiest percussion instruments we have ever recorded.

Team up the orchestra and the percussion to program complex and rich-sounding rhythmic patterns and gestures.

To join these two parts properly, the recorded articulations match perfectly.
Thanks to the consistency of articulations, you are able to play all the instruments easily together for instant rhythmic insanity.

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