StiickzZ Sticky Sounds Porter Edition

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Just beautiful... That's the only way you can describe Porter Robinson's msuic. His incredibly melodic sounds create an insanely emotional impact with every song. That's the reason we created this Soundbank... To give you access to some of the most incredible sounds to create emotional and melodic yet powerful tracks with.

50 x Presets For (Xfer Records Serum)
14 x (Chords) Sounds
11 x (Basses) Sounds
09 x (Synths) Sounds
07 x (Leads) Sounds
04 x (Pads) Sounds
03 x (Plucks) Sounds
02 x (Guitars) Sounds
10 x (Xfer Records Serum Noises)
12 x (Xfer Records Serum Wavetables)
Requirements: Xfer Records Serum v1.214+ or higher.

Drum Samples And Loops:

Porter's beautiful sounds are not the only thing that make his songs sound so incredible. Having the perfect combination of snappy yet soft Drums is the key to create melodic and emotional tracks that make the listeners feel the track! Because Drums are just as important we decided to put together this Sample Pack with all the essential Drum sounds you'll need!

65 x Drum Loops And Samples:
15 x Kicks
15 x Claps And Snares
15 x Percussions
05 x Rides
05 x Crashes
05 x Hi-Hats - (Open)
05 x Hi-Hats - (Closed)
05 x Uplifters
05 x Downlifters
05 x Impacts

FL Studio And Ableton Projects - (6 Project For FL Studio And Ableton):

Having access to an artists Samples and Presets already gives you a huge advantage. However, having access to Project Files inspired by his songs is going to take reverse-engineering to a whole new level. We have crafted six Project Files inspired by some of his biggest tracks to give you the opportunity to dive into the Project Files and learn how some of your favorite Porter Robinson tracks where created!

Perfect tool to get started with the new genre.
Study the Mix, Master, Layering, Sound-design & Arrangement. Remember those techniques and use them in your own products!
Save your favorite Samples, Presets, Effect-chains & Effect-presets to use them in future projects of yours.
Final Tip: Reverse-engineer all six Project Files in their entirety. Take notes to remember all sorts of details and tricks!


Image-Line FL Studio 12+ or higher.
Ableton Live v10+ or higher.
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