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Blxck Diamonds is a melody loop pack inspired by Zaytoven and Metro Boomin. If you have trouble finding or making sick piano melodies for your beats then this loop pack will literally save you hours. This loop pack comes with some of the catchiest and simplest piano melodies you will find on the web. All loops are beautifully played and perfectly design for you to build your beats around.

Catchy melodies are essential in today's music. Without them, your beat can sound dry and plain. It's also hard to make those catchy piano loops necessary for today's trap beats. That's why we created Blxck Diamonds. It gives you access to some of the most catchiest and professionally sounding piano loops you can find.

Blxck Diamonds comes with 25 piano melodies designed for you to make those bangers. Each melody comes with both the Wav and Midi files giving you full control over each loop. They are also conveniently Bpm and Key labeled so you can better integrate them into your music.

Get Blxck Diamxnds today and start making those bangs you truly desire.

25 Loops
Wav & Midi
Bpm & Key
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