F9 TRAX Duo Beach House

2142 1 Samples housedeep houseableton pack 21 06 2018
The sounds of the summer : Inside your DAW. The worlds' most powerful sample packs : F9 TRAX return with a beautifully chilled summer helping of beach/poolside house music that references the melodic house sounds of the present, past and future.

Built as DAW templates for Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9 /10 mainly employing multi-sampled instruments and Midi data these releases give you more control and flexibility than any other sample packs currently available. This is the reason TRAX are loved by our users

Learn exactly how these records are made.
90+Tracks each ( Ableton )
3 Startup pages pre-loaded with sounds
No 3rd party plugins required.
3Gb Sound Library for Ableton / Logic
Includes acoustic and electric pianos
A full set of session notes cover the music, production and mix
WAV version includes full project stems

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