Cymatics Moonlight Instrument Loops & MIDI

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Real instrumentation in electronic music stands out. Some of the world’s biggest artists have been implementing real instruments in their music recently, and for good reason. The instruments sound absolutely stellar. Adding a human element to your music brings out a feeling that can’t be achieved with digital sounds, rhythms, and velocities.

Even the most simple piano layer can add that special something that can create a more memorable moment in your songs..

So, why aren’t many budding producers using real instruments?

It could be that they don’t have access to stellar instrumentation, don’t know how to write for a real instrument, or purely don’t even know how much of an impact real instruments can make!

All of that has changed.

Moonlight was created to help aid you in the quest to create the best music you’re capable of – and then some.

Written by several professional musicians, every single one of these loops sounds and feels real, present, and lush.

We even included MIDI Files so that you can learn how to write instrumentation the way the pro’s do, so you’ll always be one step ahead on your game!

If you want to create more memorable music, don’t wait – download Moonlight Instrument Loops and MIDI now!

Included in this pack:


20 String Loops
20 Brass Loops
20 Piano Loops
Format: .WAV / .MID
File Size (Zipped): 184 MB
File Count: 80 Samples + 20 MIDI
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