HoRNet SW34EQ MK2 v2.1.2 x86 x64

117 0 FX for PC /FX for Mac eq 08 07 2019
The HoRNet SW34EQ MK2 is an equalizer coming straight from the 80s. It’s the digital version of the EQ found in an American console and it features the typical analog EQ sound and controls.

This plugin is specifically modelled after one channel of this console used in the main room of Virus Studio, here in Siena, Italy. This EQ is very smooth and gentle, both in the EQ shapes (bells and shelves) and it’s almost perfect for general tone shaping, especially the low shelf gives weight to the sound without pumping it too much.

You also get an high-pass filter 18dB/oct slope that can be activated even if the rest of the EQ is not.

The SW34EQ MK2 does not just model the EQ curves but also the saturation characteristics of the original device, we took the time do model the saturation of every single band. We are talking about an 80s console here so there are op-amp everywhere in the signal path and the saturation mainly produces even harmonics, but as you crank the gain a lot of odd harmonics jumps out. Of course the hiss is modelled too and the whole emulation can be deactivated.

The MK2 version of this plugin package the sound loved by many with a new slick GUI and also adds some nice new features.

With this version it’s much easier to control the frequency and gain of each band since when you move your mouse over one of the controls a double knob window pops up allowing you to change those parameter easily.

You can tweak the frequency of the high pass filter and we also added a low pass (12dB/oct) that was not present on the original hardware.

For those who love to use the saturation of the EQ we added a handy link button for input and output so that if you increase the input level, the output is automatically compensated by the same amount, also if you really like the saturation of this EQ, we let you increase its level up to four times.
A new beautiful GUI

For the new incarnation of SW34EQ we listened to you and made a ne GUI that while still resembling the original hardware unit is much more comfortable to look at on a screen and to use.

We also created more contrast and less blurry edges so the GUI can be easily be used on big monitors and low light conditions.
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