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Native Instruments Reaktor Spark R2 v1.4.0.4 (Reaktor)

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Native Instruments Reaktor Spark R2 v1.4.0.4 (Reaktor)
REAKTOR SPARK* is based on a new and unique REAKTOR ensemble, resulting from three years of design and development work by Native Instruments founder and conceptual mastermind Stephan Schmitt. This Powered by REAKTOR Instrument breathes new life into the concept of the subtractive synthesizer, adding a dynamic and unpredictable element that causes sounds to ignite into living and sometimes chaotic entities. As the father of REAKTOR, Stephan Schmitt has designed REAKTOR SPARK as his very own statement in synthesizer design.

Tested and refined in the rehearsal room and on stage, REAKTOR SPARK cuts through the mix like few other synthesizers, and delivers a unique presence in any arrangement and musical context. The "ghost in the machine" creates sounds that range from subtle warmth to screaming sonic overload. REAKTOR SPARK forgoes endless options and modes in favor of real edge and character, brought to life through the performance of the player.
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