W.A.Production Factory Expansion 2 For Ascension

406 0 Presets ascension 12 07 2019
Get ready to experience versatility and creativity at its peak. Factory Expansion 2 For Ascension presets are the perfect way to save time and discover new ways to refine your sound. You also have total creative freedom as it is up to you to decide how to use and adjust them to your liking.

When you pick up Factory Expansion 2 For Ascension you will come to find the most inspirational sounds and atmospheres. From arps to textures, from classic to modern, the diversity of instruments and sounds prove useful for all producers. We are certain that you will appreciate the fruits of our labor and the considerable detail that went into making this collection.

If you want to dive deep below the surface of what Ascension can do for you, load up these mind-expanding building blocks and allow us to show you that no matter what genre, what occasion or what mood, we've got a sound for it. Ascension is equipt to handle it all and our presets will give you a complete tour of its endless capabilities. Ascension could easily replace your current go-to synth. If you don't believe us, pick up Factory Expansion 2 For Ascension and let us open the door to your creative possibilities.

This expansion contains:

7 Arp Presets
30 Bass Presets
2 Piano Presets
6 FX Presets
4 Choir Presets
3 Lead Presets
41 Pad Presets
17 Pluck Presets
18 Synth Preset
128 Ascension Presets in Total
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