Raw Loops-Live Electronika

1226 0 Samples breakselectronicahip hop 01 05 2016
Wide variety of Underground Electronica from all-out vintage break vibes, slo-house, and hip hop infused mpc style beats. Live Electronika weighs-in over 510 MBs of everything from, tape saturated beats, flippin’ musical melodics, breakbeats, live bass and synth bass licks, unique percussion, shuffling tops, cracking snares, sliding FX, deep b-boy fox and much more. The collection provides a diverse range of beat selections from 105-136 bpm.

Don’t shy away 4-to-the-floor producers, there’s plenty here to be used straight up, re-sampled or chopped for use in any electronic genre!


Bass Loops – 20 funk synth & live basses bundled with sub-smackers for deep low-end rumble.
Music Loops – 25 highly detailed & seriously unique melodies & sounds enhanced with sublet intricacies. Set to inspire your next record.
Top Loops – 28 kick-craving cutty tops loaded with crunchy mpc style drum sounds, fresh snares & wide hats.
Break Loops – 13 funkified old-skool breakbeat infused rhythms.
Percussion Loops – 20 live & drum-machin oriented perc elements loaded with shuffley flavor.
Beat Loops – 63 pushing beats with heavy analogue warmth, a live feel, and hardware sampled textures everything from breakbeat double-time beats, to hip-hop-esque, to slo-house vibes.
Vocal Loops – 20 raw deep & soulful vocal hooks
FX – 10 bending & morphed synths & noises
RAW_Kicks – 26 Pounding kick drum loops ready to cut-through any track.

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