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Softube Fix Flanger & Doubler v2.5.9 x64

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Softube Fix Flanger & Doubler v2.5.9 x64
In 1979, Paul Wolff formalized a vision which was turned into an exclusive limited edition hardware, that became loved among musicians and sound engineers. In 2015, the Fix Flanger and Doubler is the reincarnation of this vision—a plug-in package that handles hands-on flanging with unique stereo widening methods, as well as vocal doubling with lush chorus and rich textures.

Fix Flanger & Doubler features

- Fix Flanger delivers the sound of classic flanging, with extreme control and flexibility.
- Unprecedented hands-on VSO flange control, with servo motor bounce emulation.
- Fix Doubler provides lush chorus and rich textures to your vocals.
- “Auto Double” uses a unique method of accurate phase-cancellation to make a natural sounding doubler effect.
28 MB
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