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ModeAudio Flood - Ambient Drones & Samples

1047 0 Samples ambientdowntempo 22 01 2021
ModeAudio Flood - Ambient Drones & Samples
Feel the storm rage above you as you dive ever deeper into the dark, murky undertow, as shadowy shapes loom from the depths and rise to swirl all around you - welcome to the submerged sonic world of our latest colossal sample release, Flood - Ambient Drones & Samples!

Wade through the richly textured layers of this elemental, 1.88GB collection of royalty-free Ambient samples and you'll uncover an immense, hallucinogenic blend of pulverising bass, shimmering SFX, crackling sonic atmosphere and lilting analog synth haze.

From intense sub bass pressure to sparkling, swirling noise, drones and ambience, the 189 samples contained within this release will afford your music a mammoth variety of inspiring possibility.

This selection of fraying noise textures, rumbling resonance and glitch-oriented SFX is nothing short of a dazzling feast of inventive sound design, making this one of our widest-ranging and multi-faceted Ambient releases to date.

With a majority of the drones, atmospheres and textures reaching well into the 1 - 2 minute range, you'll find yourself conjuring complex, evolving, otherworldly sonic scenes within your Ambient, Downtempo and soundtrack sessions in seconds.

Prepare for a deep plunge into the exhilarating unknown - sink your music down into the depths with Flood - Ambient Drones & Samples today!

1.32 GB
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