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Boom Library Cyber Weapons Construction Kit / Designed

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Boom Library Cyber Weapons Construction Kit / Designed
BOOM Library proudly presents CYBER WEAPONS, the next generation sound effects library for futuristic, modern and Sci-Fi weaponry. From small sidearm-grade lasers to planet-melting beams of destruction, this bundle offers the whole range to pick from.

Design your own creations with the Construction Kit with over 4,000 source sounds. Launch an all-out galactic assault with ready-to-use sounds from the Designed collection. Time to pimp futuristic combat scenes with just the right sound!

Tight, punchy, powerful samples – one of the library’s defining features. This library not only avoids the harmless pew-pew cliché – it can sound absolutely aggressive and terrifying!

As with most BOOM Library collections, this library is designed to get the job done just by layering, merging and fading samples together. The Construction Kit offers all source recordings from real-world objects as well as synthesized effects.

The amount of careful sound processing that went into this library gives the sounds their distinct futuristic quality. Especially shot attacks, reloads and flybys will whisk you away into worlds several years, decades or eons from now.

The highly versatile Construction Kit contains enough sounds for general Sci-Fi sound design. Foley, mechanics, synthesized beams, impacts, servos, shots, whooshes, tails, transients – the source material for the Designed package can be used to craft anything that comes to mind.

3.6 GB
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