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ModeAudio Broadcast Dub Techno Loops

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ModeAudio Broadcast Dub Techno Loops
'Broadcast - Dub Techno Loops' from ModeAudio combines classic, submerged synth chord atmospherics, rustling noise textures and deep, quaking bass tones with a modern, densely layered approach to drum design and programming.

From the hypnotic shimmer of spring reverb to the spiraling echo of tape delay, this 361MB collection of royalty-free sounds nails those vintage Dub Techno flavours whilst hurling its beat design into the 21st century, with an organic approach to rhythm and powerful, crushing sub thump.

Choose from the collection's core offering of 178 tempo-synched music loops and wash your next dancefloor workout in layers of deeply resonant, reflecting synth chords, dense, foaming pads, sweeping noise textures, earth-shaking bass riffs and punchy, dexterous drum grooves.

This carefully crafted sound pack represents a vibrant collision of sub-aquatic synth sonics and soulful musicianship, with the unmistakable feel of actual human performance shining through the entire selection.

Lock down your next club classic and prepare for transmission - download 'Broadcast - Dub Techno Loops' today!

257 MB
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