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GetGood Drums Smash and Grab v2.0.0 x64

1089 0 FX for PC compressor 05 02 2021
GetGood Drums Smash and Grab v2.0.0 x64
Compression is an extremely important element to all areas of a modern mix, but none more so than drums. Too little, and your drums will lack attack and weight. Too much, and your drums will sound small and lackluster. Being how passionate we are about drums we wanted to find a solution to help beginners and professionals alike improve their work flow, and get great results every time. We present to you, Smash and Grab.

* NEW Pro mode giving full access to two world-class compressors
* 12 specialized styles of compression
* Use the grab compressor to add attack and impact
* Use the smash compressor for weight and size
* Built-in pre and post EQ sections to improve workflow
* Stop the guesswork with the powerful 'drum type' knob with hundreds of optimizations all happening under the hood
* Built-in saturation to help shape and add character to your drums

Stop scrolling through your plug-ins endlessly trying to find the right compressor, and let your creativity flow with Smash and Grab.
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