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DECAP Ableton Live Masterclass

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DECAP Ableton Live Masterclass
DECAP - Ableton Masterclass. Level: Intermediate / Advanced. In this live 47 minute deep dive Masterclass, DECAP (Billboard Top 10, Platinum Certified Producer) dives into some intermediate / advanced production and sound design techniques during the track breakdown of his release "Who's There?!".

The following topics are covered in this class:

0:00-4:00 Introduction
4:17-10:50 Kick sound design from scratch, Hi hat sound design from scratch in operator, drum arrangement
10:50-15:54 808 bass sound design in wavetable, 808 processing
15:54-17:13 Going with the creative flow, feel the energy
17:20-18:05 Add width to 808
18:20-21:28 Making sound fx in wavetable
21:28-24:41 Finding the sweet spot, creative sound design, no limits
24:54-25:43 Vocal chops
25:43-28:34 Pluck sound design from scratch in Wavetable
28:45-30:58 Bridge section, pitching vocals, rhodes fx, sidechain compression
30:58-32:44 Vocal chain: How to make a bad vocal sound good
32:44-35:48 Building up the intro with FX, frequency shifter
35:55-38:24 Master chain + explanation
38:35-41:24 Proper stereo imaging explained
41:39-43:36 Balancing productivity and creative sound design
43:46-44:44 Why I don't layer drums, how to layer properly if you do
44:44-End Learn the rules to break them
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