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Leapwing Audio Al Schmitt v1.0.0 x64

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Leapwing Audio Al Schmitt v1.0.0 x64
We are really proud to announce our first signature plugin, developed with none other than legendary producer-engineer Al Schmitt. Our team analyzed Al’s workflow, gear and processes of the last decades, from subtle harmonic characteristics to echos, compression and EQ.

This then led us to create distinctive features that define his sound. The Al Schmitt signature plugin has 6 distinct profiles: vocal, piano, bass, brass, strings, and mix (bus). Each one has different sonic characteristics and parameters based on Al’s workflow and perception of each instrument. Distilled to minimal controls, and conceived to allow you to get your sound instantly.

Leapwing Al Schmitt features

- 6 unique profiles to process vocal, piano, bass, brass, strings and mix bus. Honed by Al over the years, they represent how he approaches music.
- Each profile has a set of parameters controlling harmonics, EQs, compression and echos.
- Instrument profiles are low latency, making it perfectly suitable to use for recording.
- All algorithms are meticulously tuned with the highest quality achievable and a pristine sound.
- Simple yet Beautiful Design: Modern resizable Retina interface with a unique design for an optimal workflow.
35 MB
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