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MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track #40

1026 0 Video Tutorials 02 03 2021
MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track #40
We're thrilled to bring you a series quite unlike any other to date! Featuring the talented Colombian mixer Mosty, we explore a genre that has soared in global popularity under his influence – reggaeton. Conducted in Spanish (subtitles available), the Latin Grammy award-winning engineer reveals how he mixed the massive 2015 hit single 'Ginza' by J Balvin. With the Pro Tools multi-track open, Mosty guides you through his tasteful approach and techniques used to achieve powerful, club-friendly sonics fully 'in the box'! He recounts the creative process of the record that involved collaboration with producer Sky, and gives an overview of his session setup, track layout, and workflow. Taking you through every track, Mosty demonstrates how he blended and treated vocals, drums, bass lines, and synthesizers on individual tracks, stems, and his mix buss. He justifies his methods with regards to aesthetic, culture, digital audio, and today's variety of playback media.

Session setup, arrangement, production by Sky, workflow, drum layering, stems, vocal performance

Bass, dembow, drums, synths, compression, EQ, tape, harmonics, widening, mono compatibility

Digital summing, gain structure, reggaeton aesthetic, maintaining energy, vocal chain, effects

Parallel vocal treatment, tuning, reverb, mix buss EQ, taming harshness, compression, limiting
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