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W.A. Production Trap Beat In FL Studio

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W.A. Production Trap Beat In FL Studio
In order to create a stellar Trap mix, you need to understand what specific elements and types of sounds are signature. The low end needs to be massive. However, there is a fine line between perfection and too much. Arrangements and melodies can also be tricky when trying to find a perfect fit for frequencies that work against each other. Sampled sounds also play a big role.

What if I told you, you can use your own creations and give them that "sampled" sound? This course has been designed to show you how to tame your frequencies, construct a melody, design and shape your sound, and get a powerful low end without it overtaking your mix.

Software used for examples in this course are:

FL Studio

This software is not a requirement and these steps can be applied to any DAW software.

Video 1 - Introduction (00:41)
Welcome to the course overview. You will meet your instructor Kyle and he will give you a rundown of what things he will be covering and what you can expect from this course.

Video 2 - Writing a Melody (07:48)
Watch as Kyle walks you through constructing a piano melody and how to make subtle adjustments in order to obtain a more realistic and organic sound. A staple of Trap music lies within the manner in which you play your notes. While the notes are generally fundamental and repetitious you will learn adjustments that allow it to fabricate a perfect tension.

Video 3 - The Sample Effect (09:58)
This lesson Kyle demonstrates the tricks of the trade and how to achieve a true Trap sound to your melody. You will learn what effects to use and how to sidechain properly.

Here is how you apply a real Trap sound. Using your own creations and applying an effect that gives them that "sampled" sound. You will also learn how to apply a limiter and parametric EQ.

Video 4 - Drums (11:14)
Trap has a signature style to the structure of drums and percussive sounds. Aside from your primary snare, Trap beats are typically seasoned with additional hits and rolls. You will learn how to tune your snare and create accenting pitch sweeps, hits, and rolls. Trap also relies on the kick as the bass line.

Discover the harmonics required to make that deep bass cut through to small speakers and smoothly tease your subwoofers. You will learn how to apply the right kind of distortion, how to adjust the attack, and how to EQ your drums to get a sik Trap sounding beat.

Video 5 - Arrangement (08:43)
Lastly, it's time to tie in all of the elements into one brilliantly built Trap track.

Here is where it all comes together and is buffed to a stunning end result. This is the video you must see and get ready to take some notes. This is where the bulk of the recipes are for how to take your finished track from completed to can't be defeated.
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