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Capsun ProAudio Bedroom Beats and Lofi Hip-Hop Vol. 3

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Capsun ProAudio Bedroom Beats and Lofi Hip-Hop Vol. 3
Bedroom Beats & Lofi Hip-Hop Vol. 3 brings us full circle, back to homegrown hip-hop instrumentals and soulful sampling. The third and final instalment in a trilogy that has helped define the lofi sound, created in collaboration with artist and beatmaker Marc aka

Explore a deep collection of warm melodic loops and one-shots, full melodies and vinyl cuts, resampled live guitars, and vintage keys. Layers of dusty synths blend with cute plucks and experimental sound design. Processing includes tape saturation, re-amping, pedals, distortion and bit-crushing.

We recorded and resampled live and machine-based drum hits, including thick kicks, shuffling snares, organic rim-shots, and crumbling percussion. Drum loops include heavily swung beats, boom bap patterns and glitchy percussive rhythms. All soaked in saturation, grit, and low-res sparkle.

Capture the vibe of the lofi aesthetic - 24/7 chilled youtube streams, beats to study to and sampler-based tracks. All original and ready to drop into your DAW or sampler of choice. Designed to perfectly compliment lofi hip-hop, chill hop, downtempo trap, and dusty electronica.
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