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HY2ROGEN EDM Synth Shots 9

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HY2ROGEN EDM Synth Shots 9
Micro Pressure is back on track with volume 9 of EDM Synth Shots, another massive addition valued at 600 freshly squeezed one shots to accompany the previous releases and keep your samplers happy.

The majority of sounds in this latest installment has been focused toward bass sounds, wobbles, heavy first note droppers and gap filling inserts but we have also included those massive bigroom and progressive synths.
Because 2020 is the year of the bass we had to deliver useful material that embodies great quality and more than a decent price tag.

Like previous releases you can expect to find exactly what is stated on the tin, including but not limited to piano shots, huge synth shots, plucks, chords & stabs, all you can eat types of bass (from wobble to deep) and even a few vocal cuts here and there. This pack is perfect for bass house, future house, bigroom trap & edm, progressive and beyond.

The pack contains 600 pure edm key labelled synth shots and bass cuts perfect for adding to the main hook or simply building a new one. For bass house/wobble/trap style enthusiasts, the synth cuts can spark instant inspiration for serious main hooks. All of the modulated sounds are synced at 128 BPM.

The 600 synth shots/bass cuts are delivered as WAV singles along with 78 sampler patches for EXS24, Kontakt and Halion software samplers for easy access and usage within your workflow.
In the 'Sampler Patches' folder you will find the synth shots both random and organized in keys for easier access and grouping. (0 – 600 and Synth Shots A, Synth Shots F#, Synth Shots X).

Remember to stack some of these synth shots to make the most out of them. Create complextro and dubstep type riffs by playing different sounds in the same key and create interesting drops for your future compositions.

All of the files have been exported at a quality of 24bit 44.1Khz
Please Note: The demo contains sounds not included in the pack (drums, effects, fills and vocal loops). They are taken from verious releases here on HY2ROGEN

80 MB
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