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Soul Rush Records Sci-Fi Soundtracks

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Soul Rush Records Sci-Fi Soundtracks
The sound of a dystopian metropolis at dusk. Synth saturated frequencies and low-slung rhythmic textures drenched in a brilliant kaleidoscope of 80s nostalgia and future technologies. Introducing ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks,’ the latest sonic vision from Soul Rush Records. Imagined by an unwritten science fiction film, ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks’ is a diverse, professionally curated product overflowing with future-retro music making potential.

An exclusive product focused on helping any music maker craft the perfect visionary film soundtrack, devise a late night electro-tinted warehouse jam or compose a brooding ambient masterpiece dedicated entirely to space travel. This is a truly diverse and exciting product which captures an incredible level of emotionally charged synth-heavy inspiration, and 100% ready for your creative intuition.

Confidently inspired by the brilliant works of S U R V I V E (creators of the Stranger Things soundtrack) Tangerine Dream and German synthesizer pioneer Klaus Schulze, the collection of loops and one shots within the ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks’ product encapsulate the best 80s retro synthwave styles with a much more future facing idealism.

A perfect product for producers across a diverse range and style. 80s revivalists, house music magicians, drum & bass producers, and spaced-out experimentalist will all find the perfect inspiration within. Anyone who wants to get lost in the ether, twist brains with incredibly captured analogue synth-work, and delectable drum loops for tracks of any shape and size.

Found within the product are an assortment of 4 and 8 bar loops resulting in an array of articulated synth lines (35), arpeggios (21) and basses (23) recorded direct from analogue hardware. The product also includes FX loops (37), melodic loops (20), percussion loops (15) and atoms (32).

Fans of one shots can select over 70 bass, melodic, percussion and synth sounds. Produced with a diverse and creative array of musical styles in mind, ‘Sci-Fi Soundtracks’ is an essential piece of music making magic for every producer whose music is geared towards the future and inspired by the past. Now open your mind, embrace your imagination… and get started.

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