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Arturia Synthopedia Analog Lab Presets

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Arturia Synthopedia Analog Lab Presets
Modern Sounds Resource. Contemporary, unique, inspirational sounds for the modern-day music producer. This is our most original and modern sound bank yet: yes, the classic vintage synthesizers have been used, but these sounds have been created using the additional features that are found in the software versions that weren’t there in the hardware. These presets are instantly usable, and design with up-to-date musical styles. Here you will have access to lead, keys, synth, bass and experimental sounds for r’n’b, electronica, dance, hip hop, and pop. Load them up and immediately be inspired with fresh new sounds.

The best instruments

Synthopedia takes 12 of the most powerful synthesizers found in V Collection to new heights.

Creating sounds that would have been impossible on the original instruments, and bringing them to life with the turbocharged features of Arturia’s modelling technology.

Synthopedia features cutting edge new sounds for: ARP 2600 V, Buchla Easel V, CMI V, CS-80 V, Synclavier V, Prophet V, Mini V, Jup-8 V, DX7 V, Modular V, Matrix-12 V, SEM V
Analog Lab
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