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ModeAudio Modular Living
Dive into a sea of patch cables, blinking LEDs and an entire universe of sonic possibility - welcome to the playground of synthesis that is our latest sound pack release, Modular Living - Synth Loops & Sequences!

Created entirely in a modular synthesis environment with our fledgling bank of custom patches built from scratch, this royalty-free, 332MB set of 145 electronic music loops and 43 drum samples will fizzle, sweep and boom from your speakers with the raw power of sequenced waveforms and expressive, energetic modulation.

Paying homage to the very birth of electronic sound whilst keeping a firm grasp on its future, a new wave of modular synth devices is helping Dance and EDM producers to turn their studios into laboratories of sound and the celebration of raw synthesis that is this sound pack is our love letter to this exciting movement.

Featuring thick sawtooth bass oscillations and thundering sinewave kick patterns to soaring synth leads that shriek with cranked filter resonance, shape-shifting hi hat rhythms, acrobatic percussion sequences, glistening, glacial pads, fraying, granular noise textures and beyond.

We've taken great care to overlay the precision of sequencers and LFOs with an organic touch, using delay lines, modulating ADSRs, filter saturation and classic Samples & Hold modules amongst other devices to build subtle unpredictability and human feel into each and every sound.

From stomping analog House to icy modular Techno and even encompassing an Ambient dimension along the way, this collection is locked and loaded to fire the sheer fun and experimentation of modular synthesis into your next DAW session.

With 43 slamming electronic drum samples completing the set, take full advantage of a complete modular toolkit and download Modular Living - Synth Loops & Sequences today!

Pack Contents

•20 Bass Loops
•39 Drum Loops (Kicks, Snares & Hi Hats)
•22 Percussion Loops (Modular Perc, Shakers & Toms)
•23 SFX & Texture Loops (Oscillators & Noise)
•41 Synth Loops (Arps, Pads, Riffs & Leads)
•145 Music Loops (100, 120 & 130 Bpm)
•43 Drum Samples
•188 Files In Total

205 MB
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