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Samples From Mars Essential

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Samples From Mars Essential
Only the Most Essential Samples From Every Product

Essential WAV From Mars is a collection of only the most essential samples from every product in our catalog. It is a single file download, and at less than 1 GB, it is the easiest way to download and browse all of our products in your favorite DAW or sampler. Both 24 bit and 16 bit WAV are included.


A big part of Samples From Mars is that we heavily multi-sample everything - this includes drum machines at various pitches, different analog parameters, clean and color versions, and synthesizers at every note. And while this makes for incredible sounding instruments, it is at the expense of clustering the WAV folder, making it harder to browse for people who just want to use the samples without formats.

For these reasons, we sought a simplistic solution. Listening to customer feedback we created a minimal version of the entire Samples From Mars collection that can be downloaded and browsed considerably more easily than our individual products. This product is perfect:

- If you want to explore the entire collection through just one download, and dive into full products later.
- If you are a hardware user. You most likely don't use multi-samples, and want a quick way to browse a wide variety of sounds, either individually or in kits, without being obstructed by so many pitches of the same sound.
- If you are a WAV user - meaning, you line up WAVs in your DAW and want a quick way to import individual hits.

From speaking with so many different customers over the years, it's clear people have different (in fact, completely opposite) ways of working. Some people appreciate extreme detail and multi-samples, while others prefer a more minimal experience. And some people like both! So Essential WAV will serve as the most minimal product, while containing the widest variety of sounds.

The Drums

The Drums include individual hits, organized by drum voice (Bass Drum, Snare, etc). Each drum voice folder contains hits from all of our drum products. We've selected only the most essential samples, so there aren't tens of pitches per drum. So, if you're looking for a bass drum, you can browse BDs from all of our products.

There are also 16x Hit kits for every drum product, organized by drum machine. These kits are exactly the same as the kits in the full products, only there's less of them (in the interest of keeping things minimal). The kits are great if you already know what drum machine you want and don't feel like building your own set of samples. Drag them onto your favorite sampler and get jamming.

The Synths

The synths are organized by synthesizer type, with each folder containing only the most essential patches. In each patch folder, the "C" notes at every octave are included. This proves to be much easier than browsing multi-samples, as you can access a wider variety of sounds quickly without worrying about all of those pitches. And because these are all C notes, your sequence will still be in the same key when switching synth samples in your sampler of choice.

Wrapping Up

What began as sorting through and re-naming our samples when creating the factory content for the new Octatrack has turned into a really satisfying and almost opposite way to experience our sample library than has previously existed. This the most simple product we have created, but it also has the widest variety of sounds. Is it the most glamorous product we've ever developed? Nope! But it is absolutely ESSENTIAL.


- Includes only the essential samples from every product in our catalog
- Drums are organized by individual voice and 16x Hit kits for every product
- Synths are organized by product type, by patch, and include the "C" note at every available octave
- 24bit and 16bit included
946 MB
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